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Pricing – What does this cost?

Competitive Pricing:
Know Your Labor Costs In Advance.

Frequently, our Service Cost (“markup”) is less than your in-house cost to manage your fleet or vehicle operation. All projected expenses are amortized over the lease term and billed at a constant percent.

To the total weekly wages of each employee, we’ll add a lease markup. This rate includes the employer burden of Federal and State Taxes, Workers’ Compensation Insurance (a first-dollar program), and PRO SOURCE Accounting, Advertising, Overhead and our VALUE-ADDED SERVICES .

Health and other Benefit Insurance Costs are a pass-through cost. Traditionally — and if elected — health benefit costs can be split between the leased employee and as a charge to you. Health and other benefit insurance coverages (and percentage of your participation) are optional.

Costs associated with our dental & vision insurance and our 401(k) plans are paid 100% by leased employee participants, although the option to contribute to workers enrolled in our 401(k) Plan is available.